Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween Costumes
Although Halloween is not celebrated in Uganda, Anne and I created our own African version for the Sisters. We decorated their bedroom doors with pumpkin cut-outs, made candy bags for each of them, and of course dressed up. I was a pregnant African woman- I wore an African fabric dress, a headscarf, stuffed a blanket underneath my dress to make me look pregnant, and carried a baby doll wrapped around my back. The Sisters dressed as Santa Clause, a doctor, and me! The Sister wore my clothes, which was pretty funny considering she wore my skirt and she is a lot taller then I am. Anne dressed up as a cat in all black and created paper ears. After dinner we carved pumpkins. Now keep in mind orange pumpkins are not easy to find in Uganda let alone ones big enough to carve into. So we had one small/medium size orange pumpkin- a lucky find, and a green pumpkin. Carving into them was not easy. We quickly found out that they were not as ripe as the ones from home, which made cutting a whole lot harder. After several people attempted to cut/stab into the pumpkin we finally did it. We made a traditional face in one of them and a cross in the other. There was no trick-or-treating or haunted houses this year, but you make do with what you have. Pictures to come soon!

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