Friday, October 18, 2013

Marathon Week

Anne and I signed up for the inagural Haile Gebreselassie Marathon and Run Ethiopia tour. This will be Anne's first marathon, and my tenth.

We have spent the week traveling around Ethiopia and running with and meeting some amazing Ethiopian Olympians and world champion runners. Running in Ethiopia is very different from running on the flat roads of Chicago and the red dusty trails of Uganda. The Ethiopians train in forests and pastures, and on random dirt trails. The views of cows grazing next to you and beautiful grassland surronding you on the run were impressive, but I still cannot figure out how they knew where to run. We would make lots of twists and turns on our runs, and then out of nowhere a random Ethiopian would sprint past you barely making a sound. It really was like out of a movie.

Our hotels have had better internet connection then Uganda, which Anne and I took full advantage of as we were able to make our first skype calls home in 3 weeks. It was good to see our family's faces. Right now we are in a beautiful American type resort that Haile built. It has a beautiful pool, pillows that are not filled with straw(!), and fast internet. It's going to be hard to adjust back into a simpler lifestyle after being here for three days.

Tomorrow is the marathon! I am excited to run, but still don't know exactly what to expect. It will be the smallest race I have done in a long time with about 300 or so runners- foreginers and Ethiopians, and I have heard the water will be in plastic bags. It could take a few tries to get the drinking down.

On another note, there is a high security alert for Kampala, Uganda right now- the capitol city we have to travel through on our way back to Kyarusozi. Apparently, there is a threat for another Nairobi like attack in the imminent future. So please keep us in our prayers as we prepare to travel home!

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