Saturday, October 5, 2013

We have arrived in Kyarusozi!

It is great to be able to see many old friends again, whether it be the Sisters, the village kids, or our clinic co-workers. Everyone here is so welcoming and loving.

Adjusting back into a lifestyle without fresh running water, fast internet, and a grocery store stocked with lots of cereal and fresh bread has been easier then one would imagine. The food here is fresh from the garden and the other things, well you just begin to realize it's not all necessary. Although it does make life easier, this lifestyle makes me more grateful.

So what is our day-to-day life like?

Anne and I begin our day by going for a run. It feels like I am in a parade every morning as just about every child comes running out from their home or the bush yelling "mzungu, mzungu," and then go on to ask you how you are doing. This happens pretty much the entire length of the run. It is nice to have some entertainment along the way, but greeting every person along the way is hard when I am just struggling to run up the road as it is. Altitude and hills everywhere make for some tough runs! I had done a twenty mile run the day before I left for Uganda in preparation for my marathon in Ethiopia in October, thus I thought I was in pretty good shape- however, Uganda is whole new territory!

After our run we head to the clinic. This week we have spent observing and trying to find our "niche."
....sorry all, I am about to run out of internet minutes, this blog will have to be continued post is for you NICU nurses!

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