Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's your name again?

So depending on where we go Anne and I have answered too many different names. We are actually Megan or Anne about 50% of the time, the other half we are...

Uganda: mzungo (white person)
Called by our pet (nicknames) names, which is a sign or respect in the town we live in
Anne: Atwooki
Megan: Abwooli 

Anne: called Ian by the kids
Megan: called Magi by the kids

Ethiopia: faringe (white person)
With a large group of tourists it became hard to remember other people's names in a short period of time so if we were not referred to by our real names then we were called...
-the girls
-the young girls
-the nurses
-Saint Mary's
-the young nuns (note- we are not nuns)

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  1. Megan-
    I love reading your blog posts! I am so glad you found your calling and are depending on The Lord-he is good and awesome. Enjoy every moment and congratulations on your amazing run! What a feat!