Sunday, January 26, 2014

Arriving at Arua

So we are staying at a house for religious sisters called Arua in Kampala, Uganda. Now only Sisters ares supposed to stay here, yet one of the Sisters had booked Anne and I rooms here with the rest of our Holy Cross family. Upon arrival at Arua none of our names were on the list, but one of the Sisters we were with told the Arua worker “can’t you we are all are Sisters?” The worker looked Anne and I up and down, as I was wearing spandex Victoria's Secret Capri pants and Anne was in a tank top with her bra straps showing. Beatrice was firm and repeated yes we are all Holy Cross can’t you see their medals. (We were both wearing necklaces with a variety of religious medals on them…none of which were the true Holy Cross medal signifying a Sister.) Yet the worker had no chance to agree with Beatrice as she handed over our room keys for the next few nights. Note to self I better dress pretty conservatively the next few days as I am now Sister Megan. Oh by the way in the room there was a sheet listing service fees for washing and one of the options was to wash a habit. I guess I better go find one for myself to wear, ha!

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