Friday, December 27, 2013

Life on the Lake

Anne and I at Lake Saaka

This week has been full of celebration as on December 26th our community drove an hour to Lake Saaka where the Holy Cross novitiate is located. The place is spacious and very serene as the buildings are on a slight hill overlooking a pathway that leads down to a lake. All the Holy Cross priests, brothers, and sisters from the surrounding community attended Saaka for a prayer service that contained songs in English, Rutooro, and some other African language- Luganda or Swahili I’m not sure which. After the prayer service we had a social, a dinner with an abundance of grilled chicken and goat (I think I have eaten enough chicken for the month!,) and dancing. It was a nice evening of meeting old and new friends- Americans and Africans alike who were all connected through Holy Cross.

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