Thursday, December 5, 2013

Church Choir

Practicing singing, dancing and drumming for mass

So the Sisters are usually in charge of being the choir for morning mass on Wednesdays. Soo…since the Sisters were all gone this week it was up to Anne, Cissy, and I to be the choir and do the reading for mass. Only problem- Anne and I have no musical talent at all. So we spent Tuesday night practicing for over an hour on how to sing and drum 4 songs, believe me it was not easy! We spent a lot of time laughing and wondering how the next day would go considering we ended the night not quiet confident in our musical ability. The watchmen heard all the singing and noise inside and we found him peeking through the window in at the chaos. Although he never goes to morning mass the next morning he was the first one in the church to hear us “sing.” Mass, well let’s just say happened. I wouldn’t call it a success, but we did it and I am sure everyone had a good laugh at the noise we created. I do not think I have smiled so much at mass as it took a lot of energy to keep from laughing.

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