Saturday, December 7, 2013

Secret Santa

Happy first week of Advent! Christmas is coming, but without the snow and cold of Chicago it does not quiet feel like it yet. Christmas decorations are not hung up in the house here until December 17th, and the Christmas tree will not go up until December 23rd. The villagers here are too poor to afford much Christmas decorations for their house, and without electricity you cannot hang up twinkle lights outside like at home. Nevertheless, Anne and I are getting in the spirit by playing Christmas music as much as we can. Additionally, today we drew names for Kris Kringle (aka Secret Santa) gifts with the Sisters. Sister Angel had all our names written down on paper and one by one we each picked another person’s name to pray for and get a gift for on Christmas. We do Secret Santa at home every year on Thanksgiving, and the whole process takes at least an hour as we constantly re-pick names until everyone is satisfied enough with the name they have. Things were a lot calmer here as we all were able to choose another person’s names and not our own on the first try, and no one objected over who they picked. My family’s old Christmas picture is up on the wall, and one of the Sister’s commented that we had the same number of people participating in Kris Kringle this year as we do at my home every year- eight. Although I will not be with my biological family this year on Christmas I have seven more Sisters here, and this is home. Oh, by the way Anne and I traded names that we picked, this surely is home.

Christmas play at Moreau School, acting out the Nativity Scene

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