Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve Mass

So tonight Sister Daisy, Jane, Katusabe, Cissy, Anne, and I attended Christmas vigil mass in Kyarusozi. It started at 10pm and I wore my blue African suka dress that I wore at the clinic Christmas party. Now keep in mind I still have my hair plaited, no one had at the parish had seen my dress, and to top it off the dress was full of silver sequins that were reflecting in the dark night sky. I walked in with Katusabe a few minutes after most of our group had arrived, and although I was oblivious to it all Anne said that when I walked in everyone turned their heads towards me and could not stop staring. I am sure an African appearing “mzungu” was a sight to see especially on Christmas Eve. I sat in the very front row for mass and was able to get a great view of the choir. The church was decorated with a beautiful lit up Christmas tree, a large lit up manger beneath the tree, and fabric hangings draped across the ceilings of the church. There were two priests serving that night along with several seminarians, catechists, and alter servers for a grand total of about ten religious all dressed in white, red, and gold. It is hard to put into words what their entrance was like, but in one word it was breathe taking. They stood out as they carried the candles and cross amongst the dimmed lights and dark sky. This is my first Christmas away from home and I do miss my family, but when I look around and see my African family and friends, smell the incense permeating the air, and listen to the voices of the choir combined with the beating of the drum something tells me that this is right where I am supposed to be this Christmas.

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