Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Anne!

We celebrated Anne’s 25th birthday by heading to Fort Portal town with one of the seminarians, Leonard. After stopping for a Valentine’s Day/birthday social with the Fort Portal Sisters complete with cake, heart shaped cookies, and drinks we went out to eat at Gardens Restaurant in town. We enjoyed good food and conversation until late in the night. The next day we went to yoga- yes yoga in Africa! Okay so it was run by an American volunteer, but still to be doing yoga outside in Africa made me feel like I was back in America. Well, except for the fact that there were three Africans and a Sister surrounding me in African wear (not your traditional spandex pants and dri-fit tank top outfit) while we did breathing and stretching exercises. After an active morning of yoga and running Leonard, Anne, and I went to Lake Saka to take a boat ride and go swimming. It was quiet the relaxing afternoon and just what we needed. Upon our return to Kyarusozi we found the Sisters had decorated the house with flowers and birthday signs and a feast of food and cold drinks were on the table in preparation to celebrate Anne’s birthday. All in all it was a festive, happy, and relaxing weekend celebrating the birth of Anne.

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