Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jinja Trip

So this past weekend Anne and I took a trip to Jinja, a city about 7 or so hours away from Kyarusozi. As has become our routine Anne and I planned very little for the trip yet God seemed to make things work out, and subsequently our time in Jinja was extended a few days longer then planned. We stayed with the OLMs (oversea lay missionary volunteers,) two of which are Notre Dame graduates. After living in a convent for several months it felt like I was back in college again as Anne and I stayed in the garage which had been converted into bedrooms. (Warning: always bring a fan if you plan to stay in Jinja, the equator sun is HOT especially when there are no windows in the room you are sleeping in.) The OLMs made sure we enjoyed Jinja, as the first night we ate dinner at sunset overlooking the Nile River. The next day I went on a run with an OLM, Colin,…which ended up being quiet the adventure as he got us lost along the way and being the typical man afraid to ask for directions soon enough we ended up in someone’s sugarcane and banana plantation ankle deep in wet dirt and burrs. After creating our own path through the swampy area we made it back to the house…a half hour later then planned. Luckily I had a nice shower in the Nile River as the five of us went tubing down the Nile River. The sun was shining strong (don’t worry dad I applied and reapplied sunscreen about three times during the course of two hours) and the water was warm as we enjoyed ice cold drinks drifting down the Nile. I am not good at being lazy for long so I enjoyed having the chance to kayak down the Nile for a bit as well. After being in the kayak under the hot sun I had dried off a bit and was ready for the boda ride home, but unfortunately I was thrown into the water and my plans of staying dry were ruined. Don’t worry though eating a banana and peanut butter chapatti rollex on the back of a boda made up for it. Anne and I decided to split up on the trip home as she extended her stay in Jinja a bit longer then I did, which meant we were on our own to travel back to Kyarusozi. I have gotten used to travel here, but I have always had a partner to rely on and talk to during the trip. I was a bit worried starting out the journey on my own, but I am proud to say I made it home safe and sound. Unfortunately for me the first person who saw me was if you recall from previous posts my “admirer” who decided he needed to blow a kiss to me across the street. Great. Only in Uganda.

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