Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Past Six months...

As I look back on my 25th year of life I am happy with what I accomplished. I had a job I loved and enjoyed traveling to many races to run, and was happy. Yet something was missing. It was like a part of me was left in Uganda in 2009. It was not until around February of last year that my dream of going back to Uganda was finally coming into place, and a spark came alive in me. In September it became reality as I left America for Uganda. I have been here now for almost six months and although there have been many struggles along the way and sometimes days when I question what impact I am making when I look back I cannot believe where the time has gone. The past six months have flown by. Anne and I would like to postpone our orignal return flight from May to a later date, yet we are struggling to choose the date. This place has made me so happy and taught me how to love and be loved. I appreciate the little things here so much more (I don’t think I can ever get tired of having a small child rush up to hug me daily on my run as though she had not seen me for months when in reality she greeted me just the day before) and feel at peace here in this place that I did not feel in America. I would like to stay six more months, and although that may seem like a long time for my family back home to me it just seems too short. Sometimes we have to leave home to find home, and I think I found it here. Now the question is where do I go from here?

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